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Fasting/laxatives day before c-section?

So I had a normal birth first son, and my second son and now my daughter were both breech and scheduled c-sections (and yes, I tried everything to turn them both).

I'm also undergoing an umbilical hernia repair during the surgery.

I remember having a terrible time going to the bathroom after my last c-section (I already have to use stool softeners and suppositories daily to go), and the fact that I'll be recovering from both a c-section incision and the umbilical hernia (at belly button) repair makes me totally freak out about being bloated, constipated and trying to push after surgery.

I have my surgery Tuesday morning. I'm planning to not take my iron tomorrow and to take a couple doses of miralax today and tomorrow. I took a women's laxative just now so it'll be out of my system by the surgery. I'm thinking of fasting tomorrow as well just so I don't get so backed up, but I know it could be days before I can eat (with DS2, I didn't pass gas and therefore couldn't eat for 4 days. Literally had my first bites of food - pizza - before my discharge the 5th day.)

Has anyone else done this? Any tips/suggestions?
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