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Re: What do you need to to do??

I need to:

1. get paperwork to enroll baby in my health plan once he's born
2. purchase car seat, crib mattress, and sheets (I'm waiting until after my last shower in two weeks to see if I get these)
3. Wash and dry all of my dipes
4. Make sure my PCP is accepting new patients, and also that he takes Tricare as we are becoming a military family a month after my due date
5. stock up on maxi pads for after delivery, as well as pantry staples for cooking
6. Make easy freezer meals
7. Deep clean the house - wash the bath mats and shower curtain, clean the upholstry on the furniture, mop the floors well

Those are the ones I'm focusing on the moment. Today I have a head start on #6. I made and froze 4 dozen whole wheat pancakes, and I'm currently making 32 frozen dinner burritos. Tomorrow I'm making the same number of breakfast burritos to freeze!
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