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41 weeks 2 days over here. I was woken at 2 this morning by contractions and thought maybe it was it, but a few hours later I feel asleep, so...yeah, not it. Oh well.

I am a little concerned that at my appt tomorrow morning my midwife is going to suggest an induction because my body seems to be under a strain right now as my fast heart rate continues (160 resting rate this evening), along with low energy, and some recent blood sugar issues. I may have low iron again. I do really trust my midwives and know they won't jump to an induction recommendation unless it's necessary, so I guess I'll have to see what they say and also what my blood test from Friday reveals.

I really, really don't want a hospital induction, and I actually would really like to avoid natural methods of induction unless I really need to get this baby out. I would much rather wait on my body's timing although I do feel impatient.
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