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Re: What did your c-section stay look like?

My first section I had to stand shortly after leaving the recovery room. I wasn't physically able to stand independently. The initial plan was for me to walk but I couldn't even stand independently. Just standing made me break out in a sweat because of the effort it took. I went home on day 2. It was my choice but being my first I thought I would be okay. I should have taken the 3rd day they offered me. I needed help to get out of bed I wound up sleeping upright because once my husband went to work I wouldn't be able to get up on my own. The only pain meds I was offered after discharge was otc tylenol. Once the epidural wore off I was given shots for the pain meds nothing oral.

My 2nd was a bit easier on me but harder on my son. I was sent home on day 2 again this time it was not my choice but the doctor and I didn't agree on certain things so he didn't care if I was ready to go home. I was again told to take otc tylenol for pain. This time I stayed with my parents during recovery so I had a LOT more help. Except for the fact that my son had been injured during delivery recovery was a lot easier.

My 3rd was the best we could ever hope to have for a repeat emergency section. I was given pain meds as needed, allowed to stay 4 days when I was both emotionally and physically ready to go home. I was sent home with scripts for 2 different pain meds. I hardly needed them. I think I took maybe 4 of them. Recovery was also much faster and easier than with my first 2 children.
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