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Re: What did your c-section stay look like?

Day 1- c-section, iv meds, cath
Day 2- this is when I realize I got spinal headaches. IF you get a headache that is pounding, you are sensitive to light or noise (feel like noises are too loud or room is too bright)... don't hesitate. Request a blood patch. It's like getting another epidural, but they draw blood from your arm and insert it where your spinal fluid is leaking from your previous spinal block. It's a hassle and most anes. don't want to waste their time doing it, but insist. I am prone to spinal headaches (2 out of 3 c/s now) and try to "power through them", but they end up getting worse and worse. So just request a blood patch from the get go if you feel you are getting one. SO... by Day 2, is when I get a blood patch and I feel such relief 20 minutes later!
Day 2 also: cath out, iv out, shower, oral meds (because you have to request them which makes it harder to stay ontop of pain, I ask the nurse to remind me when my last dose was regulary, so I can remember to ask for meds!), walking around room.
Day 3: oral meds, walking around hall ways more frequently, learning how to shower myself, and get up and down better.
Day 4: discharge

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