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Re: What did your c-section stay look like?

Originally Posted by Riverdavidsmama View Post
I'm freaking out a little about my second c-section on Tuesday (tomorrow) and I can't remember that much about my first (over 3 years ago). I know every hospital is different and each person is different, but I'm curious about how others have gone. I think with Rainn it was something like this:

Day 1 - early a.m. surgery. Rest of the day in bed with catheter and with IV pain meds (made me itch like crazy)
Day 2 - in bed all day, take out IVs and switch to oral pain meds. I think they maybe had me take a walk in the evening with my urine bag attached to something?
Day 3 - remove catheter in the morning. Took walk in afternoon or evening with hubby. I believe this day I had terrible shoulder pain from an air pocket.
Day 4 - took shower. took suppositories to dry to go No. 2 or pass gas. Haven't eaten except clear liquids.
Day 5 - finally pass bass. Have pizza for lunch. Discharged around noon.

I HATED the catheter with a passion and the IV pain meds were terrible too. Plus my air pocket. Part of me hope they'll remove the cath sooner this time (different state and hospital) but I don't know if I can get up that much without killing myself and my incision. Pain meds made me insanely thirsty (in fact one nurse forgot to change my urine bag and backed into my bladder.)

Please share your story and help ease my fears a bit. TIA

At our hospital, they usually remove the cath the next morning (after first night in hospital).

And I would suggest getting up and walking as soon as possible. I started walking (from chair to bed and bed to chair towards the evening) the first day. It hurt like you-know-what, but I feel like it really helped me with soreness and pain with my 2nd and 3rd c-section. That was a lesson I learned the hard way from my 1st c-section. Walk, walk, walk as soon as possible and often. And it also reduces your risks of clots.

Do you have some busy work to do before the c-section or fun stuff planned?
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