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Re: "I'm just not going there"

Originally Posted by nicolemariep View Post
Umm... it's a washing machine. It's self cleaning. Like a dishwasher. You put nasty old gross food covered dishes in the dishwasher, and then when they're done you eat off of them! Gasp!

Though I will say that I spray the heck out of poo diapers before I put them in the wash. Nobody wants turds floating around in their washer.

What grosses me out is when people put a blowout poopy onesie or a pair of poopy accident toddler undies in the wash with their regular clothes. I know it all gets clean in the wash, but it still skeeves me out. I would much rather put all poop and pee related garments together to wash, so I can throw all of that in with my diapers.

ughhhh and who hasn't washed puke blankets or towels.... you have to wash clothes after that. some people will just never get it.
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