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Re: "I'm just not going there"

Originally Posted by Umm_Ibraheem View Post
I started cloth diapering as a FTM but my main concern was keeping my baby as chemical free as possible. I had A LOT of blow outs regardless of cloth or disposables but haven't experienced those issues with DD (my 2nd child). Maybe it was my inexperience in diapering or just different kids different outputs type of thing.

I was the only cloth diapering mom in my group and also the youngest (23 at the time) so I received A LOT of criticism and put downs. Recently (almost 4 years into my cloth diapering addiction) one of my distant in laws (mama of 5 and close to DH) did a diaper run close to 10pm (store closes at 10) and she made a comment that was directed at me (I can't remember what it was). I responded, when I run out of diapers I just put a load in the wash. She said, "don't even start with that"

Don't take jabs at me if you can't receive them back.

This is the lady who made fun of my choice to cloth and afterward became chummy and wanted to know if she could buy cloth in bjs. I told her I didn't kow but directed her to where she could get some and even offered a portion of my stash and she refused so I'm assuming it was just small talk that didn't mean anything. Anyway after she made the "don't even" comment her sister jumped in about GROSS you wash your clothes in the SAME machine afterward? Poop and pee and THEN you wash you clothes? How do you know they are even clean?! My clothes MUST be clean.

ITS A WASHING MACHINE, you can do all kinds of loads, sanitize, disinfect, it has its own water heater so the water is BOILING hot etc. Things you cannot do in the laundromat! I much prefer washing my clothes immediately after a diaper load then to put my clothes in a public facility. My mom wouldn't let us wash our underwear in those machines because she said EVERYONE uses them and you have no idea what people use or how gross they can be. So we had to handwash all our underwear but we did use the machines for our outer clothes.

That's the last time I saw or spoke to her (4-5 weeks ago) I'm staying away because clearly after almost 6 years of marriage and trying to be friends we just don't mesh well. Early in my marriage and first pregnancy she tried to take over, telling me what I should or should not do. How DARE I consider homebirth as it was abuse and I would never forgive myself if my child dies. How DARE I babywear as its harmful to the baby. blah. blah. blah. I would always end up in tears after her visits until my DH put a stop to them. He said as a first time expectant mother who wanted to homebirth I needed to stay away from ppl who would mess with my confidence even if they may be his dear close family members. When my DS was born she again was in my biz and parenting style (I was more attachment parenting and she was something else) and my DH again pulled me away from that part of the family until they could respect my parenting choices. Frankly I think she just hates my guts and I either make her feel inadequate or as a veteran mom, doesn't like her advices rejected. I'm cool with it as it was draining to keep extending my friendship to her and I was only doing it because my DH loves her very much and after all its his family.

sorry for the long sidetrack.
how could anyone possibly say anything bad about baby wearing? That is just so odd.
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