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Re: How do you deal with gender dissapointment?

I'm in the same boat, and honestly I really don't think its something that will ever fully go away. We're pg with boy #3 and DH is ready to go get snipped tomorrow if I'd let him lol. The thought of never ever raising a daughter is devastating to me though, even though I love my sweet, cuddly, affectionate, sensitive little boys to pieces. Theres even a little part of me hoping for a PP oops before DH can get his V, even though I know that won't happen. It is a very different relationship, something that DH just doesn't get, he insists I can be just as close to the boys as I could a daughter, but its really not the same thing at all. I was crushed when I found out DS2 was a boy, but with this one I seem to be handling it a little too well, which has me worried that all the emotions of "loss" might be waiting to snowball me post-partum.
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