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Re: "I'm just not going there"

I try, try, try not to bring up the whole - you should wash poop out of disposables - thing. But when I'm asked, I like to point out that we don't deal with stinky garbage or running poop filled plastic bags out to the trash in the middle of winter, etc. Just plop it in the toilet and it's gone. Minimal stink, no chain of poopy diapers, no wafting odor from the garbage cans, inside or out.

As far as "handling poop" I feel like before we hit the rabbit turd stage that sometimes I had to really get down and dirty spraying it out over the toilet. I don't tell people about that part. LOL

I also know when I was a newbie that I fumbled a lot with cloth. Lots of leaking and trial and error. But we got there. I think that's something that should be pointed out to a newbie - there IS a learning curve no matter how you slice it.
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