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Re: Ruby Mamas Chat: July 18-July 25

Originally Posted by marliah View Post
Well I am still pregnant, making this officially my longest pregnancy. Not a goal I was necessarily looking to beat but nonetheless it has happened. Had another half night of false labor too. It's got to be getting close to time doesn't it?!?

Last night we were reading our devotions together and it was about waiting in the LORD. I really needed to hear that as I just need to trust Him and
His timing. Patience is something I struggle with so this is a good time for me to just rest in Him and His perfect timing.
That was exactly what I journaled about last night...waiting on the Lord's perfect timing. I don't know why I'm so impatient with this one - I am still about a week "early."

As far as "natural" induction methods, I know most of them are not proven and if your body isn't ready, then it won't work anyway, but I do wonder about sex. (sorry, I really do wonder!) I mean, how much is really necessary for the prostaglandins to start working? I already have been drinking a tea with RRL in it most of my pregnancy and I already walk pretty vigorously pushing a double stroller for 2 miles most days. My BH contrax do get stronger in the evenings and at night, but they are not crampy like I remember them being. Just tightness. We'll see......
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