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Re: "I'm just not going there"

Originally Posted by editrix View Post
I would suggest they look into a diaper service if they don't want to do washing but still feel bad about throwing away all that plastic.

As a FTM that was my gateway drug into cloth diapering. It was also what shut people up when they started to rag on me about how awful it would be to cloth diaper and how I would regret it and quit in a week. Now I can tell them that I've tried diapering with sposies, with a cloth service and now cloth on my own, and very much prefer cloth on my own!

Originally Posted by editrix View Post
I don't know what to say in those situations either. One time at baby yoga, all the moms were talking about diapers and comparing the brands and one said "huggies leak because they're just like cloth." I didn't want to say that I didn't have any of these leaks or blowouts they were talking about because I used cloth, because they all know I used cloth diapers on DD and I didn't want to seem preachy or condescending, you know? Because sometimes people take it that way even if you don't mean it at all like that!
Yeah I have this same problem. I don't want to be preachy, but I love my cloth and have a hard time biting my tongue. I had to bite my tongue hard the other day when a friend was bragging about her pampers. We were out together and I change my babe every 2 hours when he's in prefolds. After changing him twice I noticed she hadn't changed her 9 month old at all, and I asked if she wanted to stop somewhere.
"Oh no, these diapers are awesome, they can hold like a pound of pee!"
Then when she did change her kiddo his whole bum was bright red. To me a baby's bum should look like the rest of his body (e.g. not red and inflamed!) if at all possible. Just had to keep my mouth zipped.
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