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Re: What did your c-section stay look like?

My hospital lets you have the cathador for 12 hours. That is it. If it is the middle of the night then so be it. Then you HAVE to go to the bathroom after they remove it. Clear liquids for first meal, (think I had lunch with the last one as my c-section was at 8 am), and if you do well with that then they will let you have solids. They make you get up and move around the second day if you don't do so on your own. I have NICU babies so I want to get down to see them FIRST thing in the morning. I even requested a wheel chair in the room for first thing in the morning the last time. I wheeled myself down there so I could hold my son!

I think I was able to take a shower on the third day after the IV was removed. Honestly now I have a port so I may just take a shower sooner. Try to take those at off times as hot water is always an issue I have found.

I got discharged on day 5 both times. They would have discharged me on day 4 but I wanted the extra day with my children. My son came home on day 6. My other children didn't come home. Both times I was off pain meds by day 8 or 9.

If you are itchy with the pain meds, you can ask for different meds. I found out that phenobarbatal (common after C-sections) makes me hallucinate (I hear running water). So I didn't take it with my son and all was good.
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