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Re: What did your c-section stay look like?

i had my third c/s i was the BEST one yet! i never really had problems...had baby at 12:34...taken to recovery stayed thereover an hour...then to 6 hours they got me up to sit in chair...i was able to do this way better his time than the other times...sat in chair for about 30 minutes...then back to bed...they pretty much left me alone and only asked if i wnted up after that...i think the bag came out the next afternoon along with the then it was up to me to get up and down and go potty...we had to measure pee til i hit a certain amount iwthin three times going teetee..or the cath went back in...but i didnt have any problems...i shower later that same day...i had the baby on a tuesday and was home by thursday afternoon...i was up and moving good and stayed on top of my pain with RX meds dr sent me home with...
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