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Re: considering IUD - opinions?

I had postpartum depression and had mood problems with the hormones in pills before that happened, so the last thing I wanted to do after having my daughter was go back on the pill. My psychologist recommended the Mirena or a copper IUD. I didn't get a copper IUD because I was concerned about the heavy periods you can get, so I got the Mirena. The insertion was painful (if I do it again I'll ask for more painkillers than just advil) and I had cramps (like a period) for the first month, but after that it has been great. I haven't had any mood issues related to the hormones and I have very light periods. I like that it is a pretty certain method (I got pregnant right away with my daughter when I stopped birth control and with the depression I knew I wasn't ready for another) and that I can remove it and have another whenever I am ready. Good luck!
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