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Re: What did your c-section stay look like?

It's been almost 2 years, so I don't remember all the details. Mine was an emergency C-section since they didn't figure out DD was breech until 18 hours after my water broke and a continuous pitocin drip.

Day 1: 4 am c-section. Rest with stupid foot pumps to keep blood from pooling in my feet. This was the most annoying aspect of c-section for me. Spinal block meds wore off around noon. Oral pain medication (Ibuprofen alternating with Tylenol-codeine ) thereafter. Catheter and foot pumps removed in the afternoon. Walk in to bathroom around dinner time. Walk was sore, but I was very happy to get out of bed since I had been stuck in one for over 32 hours.

Day 2: Gassy. Bored and Ansty. Upset over not giving birth naturally and scared that my milk had not come it yet. I did not know that a c-section could delay my milk. Pain meds, dry hospital air conditioning, and lactation made me very thirsty. Tried to skip a Tylenol-Codeine and got very sore. Walked up and down the halls pushing the giant hospital bassinet. The hall was too short, and tried to leave the wing, but the nurses said no. Flipped through all my magazines, but couldn't concentrate on a book. The nurses probably noticed my unrest, cause they hinted that I could be discharged tomorrow.

Day 3: After a lactation consulant visit assured me that my milk was coming and a visit from my OBGYN, I checked out in the afternoon.

Overall, it wasn't a bad experience. It was just unexpected and too long and boring.
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