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Re: What did your c-section stay look like?

Mine was not bad at all.

Birth day: Went in at 10am, checked in, got weighed. Got IV, given preventative antibiotics. Went over desires with OR nurse as well as aftercare nurses. Went over allergies with anesthesiologist. Went in OR at 1, baby born at 1:40, out of OR by 2. This included ten to fifteen minutes of my DH and I chatting it up with the anesthesiologist and my OB and his partner so I could feel more comfortable. After OR I went to recovery and got the bootie things that compress to avoid clots. Once I finished itching I could go to my room. My baby hung out in the OR with me and DH for a while and then went to the nursery to get weighed and checked as well as VitK. His body temp went down a touch so he had to stay there otherwise he would have gone into recovery to hang out with me. Went to my room, had catheter in and was still pretty hopped up on pain meds. Catheter out in middle of the night and started on oral pain meds.

Day 2: Booties off, up and walking around in the afternoon. Whenever baby cried tried nursing. My DH learned to change diapers Walked to bathroom to pee a few times, nurses came in to check incision and change bedding and gown.

Day 3: Got to shower if my DH or a nurse (chose DH, haha) went in with me. This is a rule there bc sometimes I guess hot water can make you dizzy? Got to eat some soup and milk, even though I despise milk. Was asked to walk around every few hours.

Day 4: A lot like Day 3, but added scrambled eggs and toast.

Day 5: discharged in the afternoon. My DH was given my prescription for painkillers on Day 4 so he could go fill it and have them ready when I got home. We were given a "shopping list" on Day 4 too so he could pick up Colace, whole milk, probiotics and some crackers that I was advised to nibble on when taking the meds so I wasn't nauseated.
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