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Re: July Chat Thread

Originally Posted by gueyclan View Post
Hope everyone is doing well this week! I may be getting an ultrasound this Thursday as part of an educational program for kids. An organization goes into the schools and does live ultrasounds for the children. They needed models and a friend volunteered me. Then after you do it you are eligible to go in for a free ultrasound once a month if you want to. I thought it was an interesting opportunity.
That's neat! I love seeing how much they change and grow, especially in the early months. I ended up having to have so many ultrasounds with my last pregnancy (cervical issues) that it ended up being a pain and not special at all anymore. It's cool that you have the option to have one every month though. I would love to peek in on the babe to say hi every once in awhile.

Oh, are you planning on finding out the gender? If not, that could get really tricky with that many ultrasounds.
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