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Re: How do you deal with gender dissapointment?

I have 2 boys and I'm pregnant again, and I feel like this will be another boy. I always dreamed of having girls. So did DH. I grew up with a single mom and a sister. I didn't know anything about boys. When we found out my DS1 was a boy (20 week ultrasound), I felt a little let down, but I quickly wrapped my head around the idea (and started shopping for super cute boy stuff). I felt the same with DS2. It was a little disappointing, but mostly, it was just adjusting my expectations.

I'm finding out the sex of this one in 3 weeks, and while I "feel" like it's a boy, I feel guilty that if it is indeed a boy, I'll be a little ho-hum, but if it was a girl I would be excited, over the moon.

My comfort comes from knowing that the Lord picked out these little boys for me before the foundation of the world. God has given me the best family, so who am I to argue? Though, if you're not religious, that doesn't help you much.

Another really exciting thing about having a boy this time is that my DH finally agreed that we can use a really close family friend's (known him since I was two, and he was basically my father figure) name for this one's middle name if it's a boy. His name is unusual (Sterling), so he would know it was for him, and it would mean a ton to him! So I am really excited about that.
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