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Re: Dilemma....

I can't see this ending well, no matter how long or short the visit. Us women can be crazy as apes post-delivery. I've had both my mother and my MIL stay with us and needless to say they've both recieved word that no one is staying with us. They can stay at a hotel and come visit, but I don't be cooking or doing any other entertaining for them. I'm recovering, not hosting guests. I think I hurt my MIL's feelings when I told her this, but I WAS tactful enough to leave out the part about her being useless.

Ever been to the pregnant chicken blog? This post is fun. It's about post-delivery visitors.

I don't know how you'll get your message across, but if we're talking first born and the learning curve and all that....get a mini fridge in your bedroom and stay there for 2 weeks.
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