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Re: How often do your babies nurse?

Mama, do not blame your DH. Let's not cause ripples for them ladies when there is already stress!! Don't worry so much about the housework. DO feed your baby often. If you can't nurse in public with a baby that young you may as well stay home. I hate to be blunt but that is your #1 even before your toddler right now.

When we would go places I always planned where or how I was going to feed the baby. bring the boppy in the car if you have to. bring LOTS of snacks and music/DVD for your DS, too. but anywhere we go I usually end up feeding the baby. when you get really coordinated you can feed them while walking around with a sling or a SSC with a cover, too. Get one of those hands-free nursing covers. they are on FSOT all the time. don't worry about the color, just get one. and keep it in your diaper bag.

I have fed my 4 nursed babes all over the place, parks, the zoo, science centers, Dr. office waiting rooms. if you are discreet most people do not mind here. As for the length of time it seriously sounds like a growth spurt.
Once you get comfortable nursing anywhere your letdown will come faster and the feeding won't take as long. sometimes it is just baby trying to work the milk out. I know if I can relax the feeding goes smoother. BUT when it is a growth spurt time (6 wks, 3 months, 6 months, etc.) they will revert to longer and more frequent feedings again. (all of a sudden it feels like you have a newborn again ) that's when you know it was a growth spurt and you will catch up later.

Have your DH read or tell him about the growth spurt info on
it was very helpful to me. if I know a growth spurt is coming (DS is having his 3mo one now) I kind of prepare. either let your DH know you won't be getting stuff done and/or ask for help.

pm me for more help. I've nursed 3 babies over a year.
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