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Re: The Best of Both Worlds: At Peace with Formula Feeding

Originally Posted by EmilyMae12 View Post
I wish it were just a pumping issue alone (though I do manually express after pumping to get more out). DD is definitely better at getting out the milk, but since she had weight gain issues we know it's supply problems too. I am excited because she is getting a 6 oz bottle of BM from 2 days of pumping. It may just be a small portion of her daily intake, but that is ok with me!
You could see a lc and have them weigh your babe before and after feeding to truly know how much she is getting. I've had people INSIST that I made plenty of milk even though my breasts never grew, never leaked, never got firmer, and my baby cried for more food after nursing. They just blamed it on pumping issues or being inexperienced. But after seeing the lc we knew I didn't make much at all, which is what I thought in the first place.
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