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Re: If you were induced

I had a majorly failed induction, so I hate them...but here's how the "system" went down for me...

I was hooked up to pitocin and labored throughout the about 8 hours?

I was only to 2cm in the morning, so my OB decided to put a foley in (a little balloon that is supposed to "irritate" the cervix, and cause it to dialate to 4cm, then fall out).

While in that process, she accidentally broke my water, and since I was on my back all night, baby had turned OP (sunnyside up), so he came crashing down on my back, and thus started the horrid back labor, because they didn't diagnose his position, nor suggest any options for turning him.

I labored with the pit and foley, for about 10 more hours, and my OB refused to see me until the foley fell out. I was in so much distress, my nurse (horrible nurse) tried to get me to yank gently on the foley. Did it. Didn't budge. She thought I didn't do it right, so she grabbed, and yanked. It tore at my cervix and cause scar tissue that I had to work though in all of my labors (at 2-3cm point...permanent scar tissue).

The pit gave me continuous contractions, so my OP baby went into distress, and my OB came in, and said I needed a C/S. I had been laboring without drugs for 20 hours at this point, from the time they started the induction, and was only 2-3cm. They deflated and removed the folley before I got the epidural, was given a shot to stop contractions, and was rushed to the ER to get baby out ASAP.

Thankfully I was able to fight for a VBAC with my next baby, and have had 3 VBAC's, 1 with an epidural at the hospital, 2 at home.

My personal opinion is that as long as you have alot of good things going for you, an induction can go very well...but rarely do most mamas have these good things going for them, thus they end up with an unnecessary c/s.

1) Make sure baby is positioned well! Spinning babies is an awesome site...

2) Try to move around and walk while you are on the pit, and refuse an epidural until you can't stand it, so you can stay upright and mobile.

3) Wait until you are 4-6cm before getting an epidural...usually the epidural slows labor because your body relaxes, so if you are even 3cm, sometimes you stall, and they will crank the pitocin, causing baby to have a nightmare of constant contractions that you can't feel, but baby can.

4) Once labor is established, ask if they will *let* you stop the pitocin. Usually they say no, because they are afraid you will take longer than their ideal 6 hour labor...but sometimes they'll stop the pit, and you can experience a much better and healthier progression of labor.

5) If you can utelize the shower/bath, do it! Once yoru labor is established, it is so relaxing, and makes the contractions so much more bearable

6) Request for them to try the foley before breaking you water....once your water is broken, there is risk of infection, and a harder labor if baby happened to get in a bad position

Okay, I think that's all my advice, lol! I hope yours goes well!
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