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Abeka/2nd-5th TONS to get rid of! MMAO! :-)

I have to clean out the ever-growing "pile" of homeschool books to make room for our new curriculum for this September! With all 5 kiddos homeschooling, I *need* to get much more organized!

a lot of these are pretty old, but still have plenty of life left

-- Math in Focus 1b workbook
-- Math in Focus 2nd Grade curriculum
-- Explode the code workbooks A,B,C, (2 each)
-- Explode the Code wall chart
-- Kumon Are you ready for Kinder? workbooks
-- All about Spelling
-- All about Reading
-- Math in Focus Kind. curriculum
-- Bob Books
-- young readers
-- and entire K4/k5 program
-- school supplies (glue sticks, pencils, pencil sharpeners, erasers, crayola crayons, pencil boxes, etc.)
-- file folder games

2nd Grade
================================================== ====

-- *NEW* Teacher's edition BJU Grade 2 English book $20ppd
-- Abeka Heath & Safety & Manners Grade 2 workbooks (written throughout in pencil) *I have 2 of these* mmao
-- Abeka Our America Reader/book (pencil throughout & have 2 of these) mmao!
-- Abeka Enjoying god's World student book (pencil throughout & have 2 of these!) mmao!
--Abeka arithmetic 2 SET includes: Teacher's edition, Teacher's lesson plan guide, Teacher's key Tests/Speed drills, Speed drills/test. (tests book has been torn out to page 49. 49-126 intact) $25ppd for all. You will need student book!

3rd Grade
================================================== ====

--Level 3 Purposeful Design Science workbook (no writing I can see) $12ppd

4th Grade
================================================== ====

-- *NEW* Teaching Textbook Grade 4 Student book + answer book ONLY $25ppd
-- *NEW* Teacher's edition BJU Grade 4 English book $20ppd
-- Abeka Understanding God's World SET includes: Activity book (no writing), Activity book answer key, Answer key to text questions, test and quizzes key, Student book. (cover of student book a bit banged up, occasional stray pencil marks) $25ppd for all.
-- Abeka Understanding God's World SET #2 includes: Teacher's edition (a bit banged up!!), Tests and Quizzes (missing 1-3 only), Tests and quizzes KEY, Activity book (not used at all), Activity book Key, Answer key to Textbook, student textbook. (textbook in good shape, free from writing)
$45ppd for ALL
-- Abeka Arithmetic 4 includes: Teacher's book, Teacher lesson plan book, student worktext book (no writing), Teacher's key to tests/speed drills. $35ppd
-- Abeka Arithmetic 4 LOT #2 includes- teacher's book, teacher's lesson plan book, Tests and speed drill key, Student workbook. (workbook has been used 43 pages in pencil out of 342!) $35ppd
-- Abeka The History of Our United states includes: Student Book (2 available), answer key to text book questions, tests & quizzes key, Map Study skills booklet. (14 out of 45 pages done in pencil/crayon) $25ppd

5th Grade
================================================== ====

-- Abeka World History teacher book (cover messed up a bit) + student activity book (no writing) $20ppd
-- Abeka Arithmetic 5 worktext (I have 2 of these and both are in great shape...2-3 pages have been done in pencil in the center of the books)
$15ppd each
-- Abeka Old World history lot includes: student book, maps and activity book, tests key, textbook key, quiz key. $25ppd
-- Abeka: spelling/vocab/poetry booklet (first 20pages in pencil), reading worktext (50 of 315 done in pencil), spelling & vocab test KEY, reading answer key, Robust Vocabulary workbooklet. $20ppd for ALL!
-- Investigating God's World Abeka test key, Textbook kEY, quiz key. $10ppd for all 3 KEYS.


-- The Everything Homeschooling Book $8ppd EUC
-- Music theory I with Flutophone instruction wkbk. (first 3 pages in light pencil) $1 with anything else.
-- BJU Science 3 Tests & teacher Worksheets (all unused) $5ppd both
-- BJU Fundamental of Math Student Activity book (first 2 pages missing) $4ppd

......may have more to add later.
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