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Originally Posted by raisingcropsandbabies
-Freezer Bean and Cheese Burritos (I just prep the beans in the crockpot, cook a vat of rice and make a ton of burritos, wrap individually, and freeze... can be reheated in microwave or oven)
-Granola Energy Balls
-Freezer Granola Bars
-Turkey Dog, Cheese, and Tomato Kabobs
-Comfort Meatballs (good warm or cold, imo) I just freeze a bunch when making
-Hard Boiled Eggs
-Cracker Sandwiches with any variation: peanut butter, cheese, deli meats, egg salad
-Muffin Tin Lunches with a variety of odds and ends (whatever I have in the fridge or pantry): veggies, fruit slices or grapes, yogurt, cheese, nuts
Do you have a recipe for the granola energy balls and the comfort meatballs?
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