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I know this is in sold traded gone but I still update it so it's current.

Adding stuff as I find it. DVD's/Games wii/xbox, knitting, GM's & misc!

-My wahm wares, links are in my siggy (I have 1 spot left for January). I keep my facebook updated pics wise and pricing is on my wahm wares page. I do have some instock yarn (I use wool and acrylic) but I love yymn (your yarn my needles)as well!
-Album to things that are not my wares is here

I also have these games/dvd's (all play fine)

Game Party
Big Brain Academy Wii Degree
Rune Factory Frontier ($20)

XBox 360
Marvel Ultimate Alliance/Forza Motorsport 2 (2 game set-part of bottom of case is broken but still opens closes just fine)

Hackers $5
-Little Einteins: Flight of the Instrument Fairies $5
-The Secret of Nimh (plastic on lower left front corner has a small tear) $4
-Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius movie $5
-The Last Mimzy (plastic and paper are torn on upper back) $4

-Scentsy stuff!
-Wahm soap, needs to be moisturizing (love Crow Mountain Crafts)
-Mama pads, NEW only please, would prefer to trade a pad making wahm.
-New/unopened DoTerra oils (esp Breathe & On Guard)
-Gift Cards to wal-mart, target, amazon...try me
-Jack Johnson/Curious George Movie Soundtrack

The Kids
-Padded Cart Cover (prefer wahm) GN or Girly.
-Kids Dvd's: Veggie Tales (have some, try me), Curious George(have some, try me), Mr. Rogers (really really would love these).
-Serendipity books by Stephen Cosgrove (paperback or hardback in new/euc/guc-must have all pages no tearing or coloring and must be the older prints not newer prints from the last few years)

For DS1
-Wahm soap, molded in fun shapes
-Toys (handmade/natural/wooden boyish/gn toys a 5 yr old would like)

For DD (no characters unless stated)
Preferred colors for clothing-red, black, pure white, kelly green, christmas green, fushia, cobalt/royal blue, bright get the idea.
-4T cotton knit long sleeved play dresses in new/euc (matching leggings a plus).
-4T long sleeved shirts!
-Toys (natural/wooden/handmade girly or gn that a 3 yr old would like)

For DS2 (no characters unless stated)
-3T The Childrens Place Footed PJ's
-Interlock wool longies (medium or large-need at least a 10+ inch inseam) Thicker with good stretch, pockets a plus.
-Toys (natural/wooden/handmade boyish or gn that a 2 yr old would like)
The Tiny Panda
like us on facebook! We make Dragons, Woolies, Hats, Cocoons, Gnomes & More!
Wahm Wares Page

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