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Originally Posted by hugstrees

I'm going to discuss food intolerances with our ped tomorrow. Lily has been screaming and twisting in pain with gas and each bowel movement and her poop has been moucusy.
Sounds like food issues to me. Just keep in mind that allergy testing will not be accurate. You need to do intolerance testing, which is best/easily done through a naturopath. They can do it with a blood test or with kinesiology.

Originally Posted by hohaas
Evanee has times when she is fussy at the breast. She'll suck and then unlatch and cry like she is uncomfy. I wondered if maybe she is sensitive to something. Do you think it may be or just some gas? I bought some gripe water and it seems to help so it makes me think it's gas.
Might just be gas or it could be tongue tie or even yeast. Food issues usually have them writhing in pain and with mucousy and/or green poops. And gripe water may offer temporary relief with food intolerances, but not much.

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