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Thumbs down Re: What do you have to do?

Originally Posted by bohemianxchaos View Post
Best part about using a family physician is that I don't have to pick a new ped. Until he retires. Then I might cry, cause I really love him.
What I am thinking about doing is calling my dr, a family dr and seeing what his veiws are on vac'ing ect. If he isn't willing to take the kids because of my not vaccinating then I am going to have to search.

As far as the ladder goes... I didn't do that part of the painting, just what I could reach.

Oh and the plumbing is going to probably be much worse than we though. The plumber just left after making the recomendation to call a water damage expert/ making and insurance claim. He found massive amounts of mold and that all the subfloor is wet and possibly a support beam to the house. So we may be relocated for repairs as this is our only bathroom. I have 3 weeks till my due date and am planning a home birth. So needless to say I am freaking out a bit. I am waiting for the water damage guy to get here to make his assessment. I really hope it isn't as bad as I think it is but the plumber has been to our house several times and never made a recomendation like this.
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