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Re: What do you have to do?

Originally Posted by bohemianxchaos View Post
Best part about using a family physician is that I don't have to pick a new ped. Until he retires. Then I might cry, cause I really love him.
This is what we have as well, I love her and it's cool because she saw me for my prenatal care for DS, delivered him, has been his doctor ever since, is seeing me for this baby's prenatal care, will (hopefully!) deliver this baby, and then see both kids as well as me and DH. She's only in her 30s, so hopefully she'll be our doctor for a very long time.

Originally Posted by mama2seth&trey View Post
What I am thinking about doing is calling my dr, a family dr and seeing what his veiws are on vac'ing ect. If he isn't willing to take the kids because of my not vaccinating then I am going to have to search.

As far as the ladder goes... I didn't do that part of the painting, just what I could reach.

Oh and the plumbing is going to probably be much worse than we though. The plumber just left after making the recomendation to call a water damage expert/ making and insurance claim. He found massive amounts of mold and that all the subfloor is wet and possibly a support beam to the house. So we may be relocated for repairs as this is our only bathroom. I have 3 weeks till my due date and am planning a home birth. So needless to say I am freaking out a bit. I am waiting for the water damage guy to get here to make his assessment. I really hope it isn't as bad as I think it is but the plumber has been to our house several times and never made a recomendation like this.
Oh no! That really sucks. What caused the problem initially? Hopefully it's something covered by insurance. If you have any questions let me know, DH is an adjuster. What terrible timing!
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