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Re: Weekly Chat July 23rd

I was up for a few hours in the middle of the night with cramping and contractions. I had contractions last night, but they were sporadic so I didn't pay too much attention to them. But at 3am I woke up with one, went to the bathroom, laid back down and couldn't fall back to sleep. They came fairly regularly but were about 12-15 minutes apart. I thought it was maybe early labor, especially with the cramping. I dozed off again at maybe 5:30 and they have pretty much gone away, so it was just a false alarm.

Today we have a friend coming to town, but not until later this afternoon. She's spending the night (our second unexpected houseguest this month, haha). I am really looking forward to seeing her, even though I won't be up for doing much... she's not the type of person who needs to be entertained, though, and used to live in our city while in college and is really active.
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