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1 NB CotNwrap, 1 NB Thirsties AIO and dandelion prefolds left! MMAO.

I am destashing what we don't use so I can have a happy minimal stash of what I feel are simple to care for and use diapers. Anything that is just sitting or I don't feel like we will be using is being put up for sale.

We have one black lab/collie mix and one cat. I will try to make sure no furs come your way but I'm only human. We are a non smoking home. All diapers are washed in Arm and Hammer F & G and are line dried 90% of the time and tossed in to fluff for 10ish min with no/low heat. They are tossed in the dryer when I am in desperate need of one or when it's rainy outside.
All covers are line dried unless I'm in desperate need, in which case they are no heat, "air fluffed".

MMAO if you don't like my pricing. I'm willing to trade for GMD workhorses in any size from yellow edge up to brown edge, MEAF in gn colors or "pond" print, blueberry coveralls, preemie prefolds, and nb fitteds. I've tried to price all as fair as possible with shipping included. Please PM for quickest response and with Q's.

3 NB Thirsties AIO's. In (I think) Ocean. Pilly applix but still sticky. Elastic is slightly relaxed in one, the other two it's good in. No stains. Asking $9ppd Only 1 left!


3 toddler cotton dandelion prefolds. EUC. Only one used once. $7ppd $6ppd for all 3.

__________SOLD BELOW THIS LINE_________

Boingo's: Since I am selling all prefolds, I am selling these as well. I prefer my snappis for my closureless fitteds over these. I paid $4.69 each for these and would like to sell them for $5ppd each. I am still losing money from pp fees and shipping. Will sell them together for $9ppd.
Voltage Green (NIP)
White (Used one time)

I have 6 GMD prefolds that are seconds. A mama on DS let me have them FFS to try out. They are brown edged but fit like RED edged. You can have them for what I paid for them $6. FFS. They have stains here and there that may sun out but I haven't tried it yet.

3 hemp babies little weeds. No stains. GUC. Asking $8ppd for all 3.

2 NB Bumgenius AIO's in twilight. Pilly applix but still sticky. Elastic in great shape. No stains. One of them is missing the laundry tab in the back. Otherwise no issues. Asking $9ppd each.

XL Sweet Violet's Mama upcycled wool cover. Measurements:
Waist: 16-20"
Rise: 19"
Hips: up to 23"
Thigh: up to 13"
I've only used this 3 times. It's been washed and lanolized and hung to dry. I found a WAHM that makes wool covers that fit DS perfectly "to a T" so I want to sell this to help with the cost of another of them. It works great just not so great of a fit for us, as it was the first wool cover I ever bought. It's tan with dark brown waiste band and hunter green leg bands. Asking $14ppd.

4 infant dandelion prefolds. 2 bamboo, 2 cotton. EUC. Each used, maybe once. Asking $8ppd for all 4.

6 Osocozy infant prefolds. No stains. EUC. Asking $11ppd for all 6. Pending

6 Toddler prefolds I bought from another mama on DS. Looks like Osocozy. Some bleach spots but otherwise GUC. Asking $12ppd. Pending

1 Yellow NB Sposoeasy in great condition. No stains. Elastic good. Asking $11ppd. $10ppd

1 White NB ImseVimse AIO. Applix and elastic in great shape. No stains. Asking $14ppd. $12ppd


1 Cot'N Wrap. White. NB size. No stains. Elastic and applix good. Trim is pilly but otherwise in Great shape. Asking $9ppd. $7ppd $5ppd

2 MEAF covers in M/L. Savanna2 and Oceans2. These are in EUC. Asking $10ppd each. $15ppd for both or $9ppd each

Danielle. Farmers wife. Homesteader. College student --> wildlife biologist wanna be. Fitness is my drug. Breastfeeding, cloth diapering momma to 4 awesome kids under the age of 6.
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