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Good morning. I'm feeling like a big fat lazy slob today. Hubby is unexpectedly home from work today. Which isn't great cuz its no $$ but sorta is great cuz then he gives me a break from teething 21 mo old (who I was with all day by myself yesterday and he had 4 big meltdowns, his teeth r really bothering him).
So I'm sorta glad I get a break... A break to finish some projects. Box up rummage stuff, wash dipes, finish a few organizing projets that are half done.... And a break to rest some.
But am kinda waiting for my best bud who was supposed to come over this afternoon (she lives 3 hrs away), and spend tonight and tomorrow. We had planned on doing freezer meals, then dh was watching ds tonight so we could go out, do a little shopping, maybe get dinner,,, BUT, she is at the vet right now, her dog is sick.. so will see if she can come or not. Bummer if she can't.
I'm being TOtally lazy right now. Laying in bed... Was up early with ds, breakfast, then went to the "beach", were about 5 min from the bay of green bay, part of lake Michigan, walked the beach, watched fisherman launch boats...but now, totally being lazy...

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