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Re: How often do your babies nurse?

Check her for a lip/tongue tie.

My daughter had this. I had to have it revised/clipped three times. The third time I drove 1000 miles to see the Dr. in that ^ pamphlet and it is so much better.

I nursed/supplemented her first week of life due to blood sugar/pump issues with her being revised at 5 days, then got thrush and mastitis in my milk ducts, so I pumped for 6 weeks, she was revised again at 7 weeks with minimal improvement. Then when she was almost 10 weeks I had her revised for the third time, and immediate improvement.

She nurses for 30 minutes give or take 10 minutes every 2-4 hours. She goes 4-6 hours at night unless she is having a growth spurt.

But, one of the signs of tongue tie is that the baby has prolonged, frequent feedings.

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