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Originally Posted by marliah
Tomorrow is my due date and I'm still pregnant! I have my 40 week midwife visit today. And good news is I actually got sleep last night and didn't have false labor half the night so I am rested and feeling good. Maybe baby will come on its due date? That would be neat. I feel much better having got a good nights sleep!

How are all you mommas doing today?
I am glad you got such a good night's sleep, Tara!

I had contractions yesterday evening, and they continued all night (I probably slept through a lot, but every time I woke up, I was having one). Then they have continued this morning! Some are really mild, and some are more serious. I am really hoping it is baby day! This is the longest session of contractions I have had yet.

My doula was going to transfer me to her backup doula on Saturday because she is going on vacation (I would be 2 weeks overdue at that point), but she is switching the transfer to Wednesday night instead because of an important family reason. I LOVE my primary doula, but I feel really confident in the backup too (I actually picked her out), so I am good with the change of plans. But if Baby comes today or tomorrow, I would not be disappointed.
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