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It all honestly depends on the school's SpEd program. Although the teacher should have the IEP at the beginning of the school year thy may not get it for a month or so. The SoEd department might be understaffed and can't give your son the attention he needs. Bit will also take a while for the teacher to know your son and know how best to serve him and the other 20 kids in his class. You might want to take a more relaxed way of home schooling with your son for a while. You might want to do more hands on activities that feel more like games and fun then schoolwork with him. You know your son the best and what will work for him. Some kids are late bloomers and labeled early on. This affects them their whole academic career. I see this all the time as I'm a high school SpEd teacher. My husband and I have already decided that if Our kids need SpEd services for something like LD they will not be served. Of course we will homeschool, so that won't be as big of an issue. My husband is a teacher too. My vote would be to keep him home and do a more relaxed program with him for awhile until he gets out of the public school mode.
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