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Re: What do you have to do?

Originally Posted by mama2seth&trey View Post
Ok disaster averted. It was a leaking wax ring that we didn't know was leaking. The reason we had called the plumber was because when we were putting the cabinent back into the bathroom after painting the other day, my husband messed up the valves somehow and caused them to leak. So we had to have the plumber fix them. The Water guy came and there is very little water sucked into the floor. He just said to put a fan in the basement for a few days and he sprayed some microban around the areas that were leaking. So we aren't being relocated. Wheww... Relief. I was litterally freaking out about everything. I couldn't help it. I'm like i could have this baby any day and we are having a home birth so I was thinking worse case.
Oh thank goodness! I don't blame you for freaking out, I would as well! I'm a homebody as it is, and I've been so nesty that I can't imagine having to leave my house right now (I mean to move out for awhile, not for errands and stuff, haha). At this point you just want things "just right." Heck, I'm struggling with that just because I am having to wait on people for things (*cough*DH*cough*) or just don't have the energy to do much more right now.
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