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Re: Advice needed!!!

Yeah we did do the diet and we do keep out the artifical colors anyways, and sweeteners don't do a whole lot. They do help some. We also have him on focus facor which seems to help the most. But it's not a miracle cure or anything. For the summer we did a few weeks off here and there of school so they could have a break. Lots of trips that would be our 4th day of school but in a fun way. I noticed he went more crazy with out his mind thinking of things. I only have him do a full day(the 3 hours) which he could have finished in a lot less time had he not fought me the whole time. Normally we'd do one hour of math, reading, and grammer for the summer. I was trying to get him use to doing spelling and a little more writing and some how adding that ended up with 3 hours! It was only 2 extra things but he did not want to do it at all. We do journaling earlier in the am after scriptures, just one sentence with a picture that they got out of the reading. Nothing hard. The science I'd read and we'd talk about, same with history. So those were the easy classes, that we'd do after lunch. Normally we'd do those with pages to color or some other art project that they loved to do. Science and history we didn't do everyday, normally it's one every other and one day off them completely. He would take over an hour to do one page of math that would take about 15 mins or less to do. I would have him do it in the most hands on way possible but he'd do anything instead of trying and then throw a fit about having to do it. The school is going to contact me in the next month, before school starts to nail down a program for him. I do think he'll end up back at home, he was so excited to do home school at the end of the school year, but now he wants to go back. I may just let him and Dad go for it and see how it works. If they really can work for him and do what he needs it would be better than fighting with me all the time, but if it doesn't it would be easier to take him out than put him back in after a few months. We have been doing this all summer. His brother is loving home school and I don't want him going this year so he'll be home with me. He's already learning to read and doing really well with math as well and his handwriting is improving a lot. I guess it's their attitude and how they are looking at things. DS#2 wants to get it done and move on, while making you happy. DS#1, I honestly don't understand where he is coming from. He will complain forever and take so long to do it. If I thought it was just an off day, it would be different. He's been slowly more and more difficult as the summer has gone on. That's with weekly or every other week trips and at least one trip a week to the library and the park. It's been raining a lot so we've had a lot of play dates instead. I honestly don't know why he doesn't want to be home. THere are so many more fun things to do instead of being stuck in school all day! I was planning all these cool trips, loving the idea that after this month we'd be able to go some place whenever and just take school with us if we want to visit family for a week or so. It's so upsetting when it starts to unravel. I'll just have to pray that he changes his mind again and it is the best thing for his education to at least start out at ps and see that he can do it there, or that he'd rather be at home. I hope he decides to come home though and changes his attitude. He's almost 7 going on 16 I swear!
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