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Re: If you were induced

everyone's body is so different, plus factoring in how many pregnancies/deliveries, whether you are dilated already, etc.---it's hard to say what anyone else's will be like. But here's how mine went. my last baby (an induction due to my clotting disorder)---
I was induced at 5:30 am, dr. was supposed to come and break my water at 8:30am, baby was born at 7:35am--delivered by a nurse I got up and went to pee. soon as I set down, I said "uh-oh, the baby's coming out!"" (yes, the contractions were bad, but I'm always determined not to get an epidural) I told the nurse I didn't think I could even walk back to the bed but I was so determined not to have a baby on the porcelain pot that I waited till the end of a contraction and almost ran back to the bed. 2 easy pushes and she was born. much calmer than when a dr. delivered the baby. just a great experience for me.

Good luck! You'll do great! no matter what kind of birth you have. Aren't all births amazing?
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