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Re: Weekly Chat July 23rd

Originally Posted by wordbox View Post
I was up for a few hours in the middle of the night with cramping and contractions. I had contractions last night, but they were sporadic so I didn't pay too much attention to them. But at 3am I woke up with one, went to the bathroom, laid back down and couldn't fall back to sleep. They came fairly regularly but were about 12-15 minutes apart. I thought it was maybe early labor, especially with the cramping. I dozed off again at maybe 5:30 and they have pretty much gone away, so it was just a false alarm.
I had the exact same thing last night. Up at 3am to pee... contractions and couldn't sleep after that. I laid back down with DD at 6:30 when DH got up to shower. But we were out of bed, dressed and "ready" for our busy day by 8am. I've had a few today, and lots of pressure.

And par for the course the past two weeks I've peed myself enough times to think my water broke on more than one occasion. Since I'm 37 weeks Thursday I'm hoping if I do go into labour in the next day or two they will let me stay home. I Really want to avoid another hospital labour/c-section if possible.
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