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Re: Pregnancy After Loss Thread

Originally Posted by abhernandez View Post

And can I cry for a second? My gastro told me I can take NOTHING from constipation and heart burn during pregnancy. Really? He even said no prune products... is that true? Or do I have the most paranoid gastro in the world? And it made me cry because I've been using prunes for the last 8 weeks to um... keep things flowing and now I feel like I've done something wrong and I was so careful not to do anything wrong and I did something wrong anyway.
What on earth? I don't think there's anything wrong with that. Are you taking a prenatal with iron? I specifically take one without iron so I don't get constipated. I'd rather do use Floradix or chlorophyll if my iron is low as it absorbs better without stopping you up.

Originally Posted by Sunshine915 View Post
Awesome! I will join soon, maybe after my appointment later this week if everything looks good. The October group that I was in was so so so awesome, and I miss that.

ChocolateMoose, I hope that everything goes better for you this time. I think we all understand what you mean when you say that no one really "gets it." I've been so hesitant to tell anyone IRL, because the few that do know have not been as supportive as I'd hope. My best friend constantly says things that she thinks are helpful, but ooooouch they can sting. We were talking about morning sickness about a month ago. She never really had it bad, and I said that I had it rough with all 3 pregnancies, but definitely worse with the one that eventually m/c. So, she said "well, that's probably just because the baby wasn't growing so your body was rejecting it." Thanks. I can see where she's just trying to help, but she has no idea how painful those words can be.

That's why groups like this are so special. It's horrible that we've all been down these painful roads before, but thank goodness that we can get together to help each other through.
Wooooow. What an awful thing to say That's interesting though that you were more sick with your m/c. All of mine I was never sick. In fact that's how I feel right now. It is an hourly struggle not to freak out. I just need another sign things are ok and am almost mad at myself for not keeping my u/s appt for Friday. I just knew though that it was too early and there'd be all this uncertainty that wouldn't help me in the end.

I think I may have to disconnect the internet for the next two weeks and just spend all day outside or something.
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