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Re: Pregnancy After Loss Thread

Originally Posted by yellowitchgrl View Post
yeah, we have tested everything *sigh*

I'm having cramps now. Still not much spotting, but I'm just... not surprised. I expect to miscarry. I think my husband feels the same way.
How are you doing today?

Originally Posted by lilbitcrunchy View Post
Ha, and mine's going to be transvaginal too..sorry Lil Bitty mama's just checkin' on ya k? Mwah. I'll be busting in your room unannounced later too so get used to it

Originally Posted by yellowitchgrl View Post
I'm taking 2 meds for reflux and one for GERD. Your GI is cracked, cause both my GI and GP said they were fine.
Was there a reason why the GI said no meds (like something seriously out of the ordinary)? I had CRAZY m/s with this 19 weeks worth of nausea....and they had me stuff for the nausea and constipation, and then more stuff for the side effects of the first stuff! I was able to get it down to one vitamin by 20 weeks....Nexa Select...has iron, DHA from plants (not fish...which was part of my problem), and a stool softener.
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