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Everyone is so different it's hard to say. Even my inductions have been different so you really never know.
With my 3rd I was scheduled for one at 6am so I came in at 4pm for Cytotec. I spontaneously delivered at 2:30am after literally 15 mins of contractions. Never needed pit and never knew I was in labor until transition.
With my 4th I had pit from the start since I was 2-3cm. It started at 9am, delivered at 2:30pm. Things picked up at noon and by 2pm I wanted an epidural but I was ready to go.
With my 5th I was barely 1cm, tried Pit since it was my 5th baby and my last 3 were so quick! It took forever!!!! That was at noon on Fri and I didn't delivered until 11:45am on Sat. So almost 24hrs! I got an epidural after about 20hrs. :-(
With my last baby I was also barely 1cm so they did the Cervidil at midnight, took it out at 8am to start Pit, broke my water pretty quickly and I labored HARD until 4pm with no change at all. Got an epidural and instantly went to 6cm and dilated pretty quickly but we waited until I actually felt pushy to start pushing which was at 6:30pm. So it was a total of 18.5hrs! Crazy!
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