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Re: "I'm just not going there"

Originally Posted by Umm_Ibraheem View Post
That's the last time I saw or spoke to her (4-5 weeks ago) I'm staying away because clearly after almost 6 years of marriage and trying to be friends we just don't mesh well. Early in my marriage and first pregnancy she tried to take over, telling me what I should or should not do. How DARE I consider homebirth as it was abuse and I would never forgive myself if my child dies. How DARE I babywear as its harmful to the baby. blah. blah. blah. I would always end up in tears after her visits until my DH put a stop to them. He said as a first time expectant mother who wanted to homebirth I needed to stay away from ppl who would mess with my confidence even if they may be his dear close family members. When my DS was born she again was in my biz and parenting style (I was more attachment parenting and she was something else) and my DH again pulled me away from that part of the family until they could respect my parenting choices. Frankly I think she just hates my guts and I either make her feel inadequate or as a veteran mom, doesn't like her advices rejected. I'm cool with it as it was draining to keep extending my friendship to her and I was only doing it because my DH loves her very much and after all its his family.

sorry for the long sidetrack.
What an awesome DH! I'm glad he supported you and stuck up for you to his mom! That can be really difficult for some guys
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