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Little update: I weaned about 3.5 weeks ago (just under 5 months from the original post) and I started counseling. Since weaning I have not had ppd symptoms. I think the counseling has helped but I believe weaning has played the biggest part. Literally within a few days I was feeling more like my old self. I am amazed at how much better I feel right now - thanks be to God!

Yes I know this is not the normal outcome but it has been the best one for me. People will always react differently to situations - most people do great with breastfeeding, and then there are some that have problems and stopping is the best thing they can do.

I wish I knew the medical answer to this (I suspect estrogen deficiency this time but have no way to confirm it now). I wish I knew what would happen if we're blessed with baby #3. but until then I will look for answers and take it one day at a time.


If you had/have ppd, do you feel like nursing made it worse sometimes? Did your ppd go away if/when you quit nursing?

Just struggling to find some answers for myself right now.
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