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Originally Posted by AzulMariposa
How awesome of you! Are you already pumping for your ds? I would think if you pump the other side as much as possible while ds eats and I'd he goes a long stretch at night without nursing you could pump sometime during that. I take classes and stock my freezer by pumping 3 hra after Rayne goes to bed, right before i go to bed. If she wakes up shortly after i pump i feed her the bottle. Mothers milk tea and oatmeal can boost your supply as well
I've never really pumped before! So I'm trying to pump right after every feed. Ds is a boob ornament from 7-7 though so I can't pump at night. I got some fenugreek today so hopefully that helps.....I'll go grab some oatmeal tomorrow! Thanks. should see what my posts look like BEFORE auto correct.
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