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Re: 6 Month old will not put weight on legs.

I would have also call Early Intervention and have them do an evaluation. They have PTs whose whole job is to work with kids birth-3. The evaluation is free, and the visits are on a sliding scale--DFS were free.

Often, insurance only covers so many visits a year (ours is 20) to a PT. But EI comes every week, no matter what your insurance coverage is.

You're going think I'm nuts but...does your child cross midline? For example, if you hold a toy out on the right side, will she use her left hand to get it?

DS had PT twice a week til he was 18 months old, and still has it once a week at 3. He didn't sit up til over a year, and didn't walk til 18 months. We did SMOs and AFOs to help him, which made a difference. Mostly, it was finding a magical therapist who he loved. Therapy isn't all fun and games, and sometimes it is hard to watch your child struggle, but we have been blessed with 4 physical therapists who love our children like their own. They told me at 4 months that he'd never walk (or talk for that matter) but at 3, he is age appropriate, and running, riding a bike, and his big milestone this week was galloping.
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