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Re: Breastfeeding & ppd

I definitely had PPD after my DD was born. I didn't really notice that nursing made it more severe--I didn't stop nursing, so I don't really know for sure, though. I do know that sleep deprivation certainly made me feel much, much worse. My DD was (and is) so intense that I don't think it would matter how I had fed her; she'd still probably have slept terribly and been on my body 20 hours a day.

I went to therapy and took medication, and that helped a lot. I felt pretty much normal after a couple of months. Still exhausted, but back to being myself.

ETA: I have never weaned a child, so I can't say for sure, but a friend of mine said she had a period of a couple of weeks of despondency when she weaned her toddler. I've read that that may be related to the reduction in the oxytocin (the lovey, feel-good hormone) that accompanies weaning, since it is released during nursing.
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