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Re: The Best of Both Worlds: At Peace with Formula Feeding

Coming to the point where you can be at peace with your reality, especially when it's not your ideal is both hard and awesome. I know I struggled a lot with that with my first. I didn't *want* to FF her, I still wish it could have turned out differently, but when what little support you have is spectacularly unhelpful, and you're going out of your mind with pain, formula looks awefully darn attractive. It was the right decision for us with the situation, I just wish to this day, 4.5 years later, that the situation could have been different.

This time we're EBF and I'm well aware of how lucky I am that I was able to do that without any major hiccups - there were issues early on that made me want to tear out my hair, but I got through them. Surprisingly there are actually things I miss about FF - knowing exactly what she's getting, being able to let daddy get up with her the 4th time she's woken up yelling for food...there are definite advantages and disadvantages to both. I don't miss washing and sterilizing bottles, waiting for them to warm with a screaming child in my ear who's hungry NOW, trying to find a way to warm a bottle when out of the house, the heavy diaper bag full of bottles, the expense, oh gods the expense. Nursing has it's challenges as well I'm learning, but I'll take them over the trials of formula feeding gratefully.
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