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Re: 6 Month old will not put weight on legs.

My DD is 8 months and has only just started bearing weight on her legs. My second daughter was doing it from 2 months and by 4 months would stand holding things. I think they're all different, but i don't think it hurts to be concerned, even if it turns out there is nothing wrong. I am also somewhat relieved that my baby is finally starting to do it now, although she is definitely not much of a stander, compared to my other two. Although DD1 also wasn't much of a stander until 9-10 months and still walked at 12.5 months.

ETA: Like Nerissa said below, I think a lot is to do with personality. She is a very very laid back baby. Has always slept through the night since day 1 (i.e. 6 hours) and since 6 weeks 10-12 hours every night. Barely cries, super-easy, and just doesn't have much reason to go anywhere or do anything. She is almost 9 months and not crawling, although she was sitting unsupported before 5 months. Just content to sit there and watch the world and play with her toys. Only recently started rolling around, although she certainly did and could roll over much earlier.

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