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Originally Posted by hohaas View Post
Evanee has times when she is fussy at the breast. She'll suck and then unlatch and cry like she is uncomfy. I wondered if maybe she is sensitive to something. Do you think it may be or just some gas? I bought some gripe water and it seems to help so it makes me think it's gas.
My babies have done this when they are over tired and sleepy, but not truely hungrey, but they want the comfort of mommy, so they turn to that (and so does mom, it's a cure all easy fix ). When Ethan gets that way, we go to the rocker, wrap in a blanket and find the Soothie or Gumdrop.

We're doing great! Ethan is fighting sleep like a pro fighter and we're tired, but he's starting to settle in a lot better. He's finally having happy times awake and laying on his activity gym mat or on the bed/floor watching the fan and light. His brothers ADORE him and are always entertaining him (the 3 yo) or giving him a blanket and pacie (the 20 month old) He's filling out 3-6 and 6 month clothing easy and my DH guesses to be 15ish lbs. We're using several types of dipes, my fav being my 6 BGs and my 9 Monkey Doodlez fitteds. He pees like a water hose! It's INSANE the amont of pee from this little guy! As for Mom, I'm great pretty much went back to "normal" in about 3 weeks. Just stuggling with tiredness. Nursing is going great with us both. And ladies I think I have like 5-6 ozs in the freezer, so kudos to you and your stash!
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